THETA Trading & Contracting is a registered company in Qatar which specialized in fitout, MEP, maintenance and trading. As a result of the quality of our services, THETA has managed to build a unique and professional network and everlasting relationship with our clients.
THETA stands a major presence in the highly competitive market in Qatar due to our passion for quality.
The guiding principle behind the success of THETA that we make available to our customers good quality products and services of commendable with strict adherence to time scheduled and technical specifications, at price that offer better values for money.


“To be the premier MEP Fitout (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) Contractor, a provider of the highest quality Engineering Services, and to implement solutions for achieving full customer satisfaction delivered through the safe technical competence and professional integrity of all our employees” Words such as integrity, loyalty, and customer satisfaction-while routinely used words without meaning in business today, we have always taken these words seriously. The mission of THETA Trading & Contracting WLL is to build on our reputation for integrity, excellence, experience and leadership as one the nation’s finest contracting companies by: Continuously improving the quality of our work and services. Constantly striving to achieve each client’s expectations. Maintaining our dedication & momentum to the highest moral principles. Providing our people with a challenging, secure and safe environment in which to achieve personal career goals.


Our vision is to be the foremost MEP construction company at delivering fitout, large-scale, technically complex, and demanding time-frame projects, offering the highest standards of quality and reliability.


Loyalty, Efficiency and Commitment are the underlying core values of our organization. The foundation of ARE is based on certain principles on which we operate– i.e. the factors,which define “who we are” and “what we are” Loyalty: Communication is key in Client relationship and Customer service is the priority of our organization.Being loyal to clients, facilitates our goal. Efficiency: Effective communication, Matching tasks to skills and focused goals improves the efficiency in the work we offer which makes us the delegate of Professionalism. Commitment: Transparency and open communication along with strong team work culture strives our commitment towards the work and the customers.